Output Voltage Accuracy:0.5% (0.1% if required). Accuracy maintained over the full range of input voltage variations from zero to full load irrespective of power factor, frequency variations, and ambient temperature variations from -15 to +45oC.

 Ultra Fast Response.

 Low Internal Impedance capable of sustaining high surge currents.

 Efficiency better than 98% with up to 99.5% for larger models.

 Waveform distortion negligible with any type of load.

 Full Tranverse and Common mode spike/interference suppression when required.

All main powered devices require a supply which is maintained within certain limits. Thus a low supply voltage can cause malfunction, whilst a high supply voltage will cause serious damage. Micro-processor based and other sensitive equipment requires not only a stable voltage but a clean supply free of transient spikes and other electrical noise.

At the heart of an EM stabilizer, a transformer has its secondary winding connected between the mains supply and the load, with the primary winding voltage controlled by a motor-driven variable transformer. A solid state servo amplifiercontinuously monitors the output voltage of the stabilizer, and any error voltage is amplified to operate the servo motor of the variable transformer, driving its brushgear to a point where it is injecting a voltage that will correct the supply voltage by adding or subtracting from it.