Large voltage variations can be harmful to many AC-units, causing temporary or definite shut down and By-passing the Loads to the Back-Up Generator.
With the Belotti Stabiliser it is not just possible to protect your connected units, but you will maintain full operation !
 Ultra-isolation Transformer D/Y (Dyn11) guarantee the Best electrical Protection and Noise filtering for your BTS.
Belotti transformer design gives:
  • Galvanic Isolation and screen Pri/Sec
  • Increased Voltage Phase Equilibration
  • Generation of new, clean Neutral at Secondary avoiding all problems caused by the mains neutral. Clean neutral is essential for the correct operation of Single-phase loads.

     Belotti Surge Protection Module SLP class C connected at the Mains entrance with its high discharge power (40kA 8/20us) and low residual Voltage is completing the protection of the installation. Higher Discharge Modules or combined (B+C) Modules are available for special locations.
    Belotti transformer design gives:
    Using the Belotti "BTS POWERSAFE" solution your AC COnnected units, such as rectifiers, inverter and air condition units, will continue operating even during extreme mains voltage variation without need for the back-up generator to switch on and, furthermore, thanks to the Galvanic Isolation provided by the Isolation transformer all the site will be totally protected from any Mains "problem" as well as protected from surges and spikes by our three poles Surge Protection. Working hours of back-up generators will dramatically decrease.
    Our solution for Telecom is the result of the experience we gained in years of operation all over Africa working in partnership with the most important Telecom companies allowing our product to meet their stringent requirements in spite if the environmental difficulties.
    The solution briefly is the integration of three of our products:
    1. Belotti Voltage Stabiliser (AVR)
    2. Belotti Ultra-Isolation transformer
    3. Belotti Surge Protection
    wide voltage regulation range : 160-290V(Phase-N) 10 to 200kVA, three-Phase 400/230V or 208/120V 50/60Hz
    3 to 200kVA single phase and three/mono

    Indoor IP21construction (Rack 19" space save) or Outdoor IP54 construction (Fibreglass).
    - Emergency By-pass
    - Customised project